The Originals Bundle

Where it all started. The 'Originals Bundle' offers our core products, the Luxury Gift Box | 6 Pack - our first every product, followed by our Boxes and Bars. Despite new packaging, it is these products which hold a special place in Nougat & Nice's history, so indulge on the creative twist that is Nougat & Nice's products.


Included Inside;


  • 4 x 100g Bars: Our versatile bars are perfect for that snack on the go, or even to be used in cooking. Perhaps add it to your dessert table with a glass wine to finish your night.
  • 1 x 200g Box: 6 flavours to choose from. The 200g boxes presents a sizeable block of our indulgent nougat in your favourite flavour. Use it to experiment, cook or give away as a gift.


  • 1 x Luxury Gift Box | 6 Flavours: Inspired from desserts around the globe, the 6 flavours of the Luxury Gift Box are not available in any other size and are truly ready to go, anywhere, anytime. Take one to a party and present this beautiful nougat platter in a box, or just indulge at home after a long day.


Like all the products that make up our Bundle Box Range, we use beautifully textured black paper and gold ribbon in a white box, with an included recipe card.


The Bundle Boxes are our ultimate treat as the various selections and customisable choices in flavours are met with the same level of care, handmade and hand-packaged attention to detail that go into all Nougat & Nice products.

The Originals Bundle

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