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Nougat & Nice

Founded in 2016 by pâtissier chef Sarah Sorensen, Nougat & Nice has been dedicated to creating traditional yet refined nougat using the artistry of a chef and the precision of chemistry.

Sarah Sorensen, with her expertise as a pâtissier chef, has personally crafted our secret nougat recipe. The result is a delightful combination of less sugar, more natural honey, enhanced flavors, and a superior finishing mouth feel. We believe in the marriage of tradition and innovation, and our nougat is a testament to that philosophy.

At Nougat & Nice, we strongly believe that great food can carry joy and emotion. Each product from our kitchen is made with love and care. We strive to bring a spark of joy to every recipient, making our offerings a little piece of 'Nice' for everyone.

Our team takes immense pride in handcrafting high-quality nougat. We meticulously source premium ingredients and infuse a creative twist into the classic nougat, making it a versatile delight suitable for various occasions. Whether it's for baking, gifting, dessert tables, or simply enjoying with family and a glass of wine, our nougat promises a unique and delightful experience.

We offer a diverse range of nougat products suitable for Gift stores, Providores, Tourism Locations, and Cafes. Our commitment to quality and creativity ensures that our nougat stands out on your shelves and captivates the taste buds of your customers. Feel free to explore our catalogue and don't hesitate to reach out for any custom requests or collaborations.
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Our Mission Statement
We believe in pushing the boundaries of flavor and texture while staying true to the essence of classic nougat. Our team is dedicated to exploring new and exciting flavors, allowing us to create a versatile range of products. This commitment to innovation sets us apart, offering you and your customers a delightful and memorable nougat experience.

'Nice' Community Fund

We want to thank you for supporting our small Australian Business!

We proudly donate a percentage of all sales from our Bunbury Factory Outlet to local community groups, sports clubs, school P&C’s and support many other events happening in our community.

We couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you

From the Nougat & Nice Family. x

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